Friday, May 30, 2008

There's a new kid on Ellinwood Street

If you're ever stood on Ellinwood Street, perhaps right in front of the Library, with the city of Des Plaines in full-fledged bustle all around you, you know it's quite a scene. Train whistles blowing, car engines revving, birds and planes overhead, street lights and trees jostling for space - it's a moment full of life and energy, potential and creativity. So...what better name for a new virtual space on the library's home page, than...Positively Ellinwood Street, a space devoted to books, movies and music.

Now, I can't take one ounce of credit for the name, as cool as it is. Since this new "blog" is part of Read/Watch/Listen, the Web site of our Readers' Services department, I asked them to suggest a name. Staff member Laura Adler came up with the winning title, and here's her take on it:

The blog name was inspired by the Bob Dylan song title, Positively 4th Street. I’ve always loved that title. I love the song, too, but long before I ever heard the song, I thought the title was inspired. That "positively" placed in front of an unassuming street name conveyed to me that 4th Street, wherever it was, had characteristics that made it a street or neighborhood that was absolutely, or positively, like no other.

I like to think that Readers’ Services, on the third floor, is a place like no other, as is our library. And part of what makes us unique is the community in which we are rooted. Plop the library down on any other street in any other community and it would be a different library. Hence the name Positively Ellinwood Street!

She's right, it's a great song with a great title and we hope it inspires new heights of creativity. I also think there's a nice twist to the word "positively." So much of what we find on the Web these days is negative, to say the least. I like to think that Positively Ellinwood Street will be a positive and friendly environment, where people who love books, movies and music can gather and discuss them without fear of being judged.

What will you find at Positively Ellinwood Street? Book/movie/music reviews, lists of "coming attractions" to our collections, book discussions, lists of recommended items - anything that pops into the collective imagination of our Readers' Services staff. RS staff members include: Roberta Johnson, Laura Adler, Bob Blanchard, Cathy Friedman, Cheryl Gladfelter, Linda Knorr, Joel Sawyer, David Whittingham and Jacob Post. Since I'm usually busy writing the Library's "PlainTalk" blog, you won't find me here too often as a writer, but I'm sure looking forward to seeing what these folks contribute to the blog.

Bookmark our blogs or add them to your favorite Web portal (i.e. Google or Yahoo) so you never miss a post. And remember - what makes a "blog" more than just a Web site is your input. Feel free to add your comments to any of the posts you find here. We do ask that you keep your language polite and family-friendly, and comments will be moderated so that no one feels offended or harassed. But please do write in with your thoughts and suggestions.

See you on Ellinwood Street!

Karen McBride,
Web Services Librarian