Thursday, June 5, 2008

No signup, no obligation - we've set the Adult Summer Reading Club free! That’s right, in 2008 we’re offering Not Just Summer Reading – NJSRC. Last summer we kept offering the summer reading program to passersby, and lots of people with stacks of books and audiobooks in their arms, said, “No, thanks, maybe next time, I like reading what I want, etc.” On the other hand, our trivia contests were really popular, and we had many happy winners of great prizes.

So this year, the third floor staff (Roberta, David, Laura, Linda, Cheryl, Joel and Cathy) took a slightly different approach. There’s no sign up sheet, no reading list, no promise to read at least three books. What we do have are five different contests for you to enter. Look around the floor – there’s literary trivia of famous names and pseudonyms, classical music and rock trivia, a movie crossword and a wild Midsummer Madness face-off of famous authors. Can James Patterson take Stuart Woods? Will Danielle Steel knock out Fern Michaels? You tell us!

For the diehards, we have Book Bingo. Just stop at the third floor desk every time you read a book in one of the Bingo categories and get your card stamped. Read books in five categories across, down or diagonally, and then drop your Bingo card in the box for a chance at a great prize.

Anyone 14 or over can play, any or all of the contests. (If you're under 14, we've got a summer reading program for you too) Every contest will have a prize like an AMC gift card or a Border’s gift card. And they’re all just plain fun! That’s NJSRC – won’t you join us?

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How about some summer reading suggestions?

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