Monday, July 28, 2008

Author Websites and Blogs

Some of my favorite websites are the websites to some of my favorite authors. Author websites and blogs are a great way to drop in and see what your favorite author is doing (unless your favorite author is, let's say Jane Austen- she is not blogging as she has been deceased for many years).

Let's take as an example Janet Evanovich. At www.evanovich.com you can get information about the books in the Stephanie Plum series, see pictures from the Fearless Fourteen tour that Janet did, go to Ask Janet and Alex to see what questions people have emailed, and sign up for the newsletter. Before the latest book gets published, they also post an excerpt of the first two chapters, which is a great way to get your fix while awaiting the next Plum adventure.

Meg Cabot is another favorite. She's primarily a YA and adult Chick Lit author, and her blog is interesting to both teens and adults. That's one of the reasons why I like it so much- she doesn't talk down to either side. The latest post is about her response to a New York Times article about YA fiction, but she also writes about hurricane weather, her crazy cats, looming deadlines, tv shows, books she loves, celebrity breakups- whatever she feels like, usually throwing in comical pictures. She updates pretty frequently, which is amazing considering how often she publishes.

I love this amazing YA series called Kiki Strike. They're written by Kirsten Miller, and it's the story about a group of teen girls, each who has a special gift (disguises, lock picking, chemistry) who discover an underground city under Manhattan and look to solve the mysteries around it. The author maintains a blog where she writes about weird things she's found in the papers, TV, or online- ghosts, real underground cities, the unexplained. It's definitely worth checking out and reading up on some strange oddities. Access her blog from the site and scroll on the left hand side till you see Ananka's Diary, then click on that.

All of these authors' books can be checked out from the Des Plaines library.
Janet Evanovich
Meg Cabot
Kirsten Miller

It's fun to find out about what a favorite author does when he/she isn't writing books. Does anyone else have a favorite author website or blog they like to visit?

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Roberta said...

I'm a devotee of Neil Gaiman's Journal at http://journal.neilgaiman.com/. Yes, I know, me and a million other people. But Neil is not only a great writer, but smart, funny, kind, loves libraries and is unbelievably patient and generous with his many fans.

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