Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do You Want to Know A Secret?

My Secret Love

Some of us were talking about the HBO comedy The Flight of the Conchords when a certain member of the administrative staff who shall remain nameless blurted out "I love Jemaine," one of the lead characters. Suddenly, like the waters of the mighty Des Plaines overflowing its banks, everyone started to confess their very real crushes on very fictitous people. Since we are going to create a Romance section on the third floor, and love is in the air, I thought I'd blog about my first secret love, oh-so-many-years-ago.

It was February 9, 1964 and I was watching television after Sunday dinner at my grandparents' home. "Ladies and Gentlemen," Ed Sullivan said, "The Beatles," and I've never been the same since. I had Beatles bookbags and Beatles boots and Beatles buttons and every known teen magazine with the Beatles on the cover. I started a Beatles club which met every Tuesday. I wrote a pledge of allegiance to them, and made my friends memorize it. When A Hard Day's Night came to the local theater, I saw it 13 times. Then I spent all my First Communion money on Beatles bubble gum trading cards and got in trouble with my mother. My punishment? - couldn't listen to my Beatles records for a day.

Who was my favorite Beatle?- what day was it? The heart of a young girl is fickle. I used to dream that I was married to Paul but as I got older John seemed more mysterious so I switched. Then, I dreamed I was married to John and Paul was my twin brother. For some reason Ringo was only a friend. Even today, almost 45 years after I first laid eyes on them, I still feel that the Beatles are the stuff of which dreams are made. So who am I to snicker at a certain member of the administration whose name begins with a "R" who loves Jemaine?

So, it's time to fess up. Who's your secret love? It can be a character in a book or a movie or a rock star or an author. And remember, dreams can come true. Sir Paul is available and was cited driving down Route 66 this summer!

See the Beatles on Ed Sullivan:

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Karen said...

The list of my "imaginary" boyfriends would be the stuff of its own blog, so legendary are my crushes. The ladies on the 2nd floor don't call me "Mrs. Bono" for nothing. But it all started with the Fab Four, and many of the musicians I've admired over the years wouldn't have had careers if the Beatles hadn't paved the way. I remember staring, dreamy-eyed, at the glossy photos that came with the "white album." When my siblings left for school, I'd pretend the Beatles were coming for tea. I don't know that it's done much good for my love life, but I have one heck of an imagination.

Oh, and I love Bret. His beard is good.

Anonymous said...

I am secretly married to Neil Gaiman, who is real, and have a big love for Lucas Davenport, who is not. If you've never met him, Lucas is the Porsche-driving, iPod-loving, tough-talking detective from Minneapolis, first made famous in Rules of Prey.

Jemaine is definitely all that.

Linda said...

Sean Connery would have to be at the top of my list. So versatile, so handsome, and aging wonderfully. Just think of his suave James Bond portrayal, or the rugged Medicine Man, or his roles in Rising Sun, The Rock, Entrapment, Hunt for Red October, and of course as Henry Jones senior in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. (Clint Eastwood runs a close second, but Sir Sean is first in my heart.)

Joel said...

I agree about Sean Connery in the Bond flicks, though I wouldn't label it a crush, but rather, "I wish I could be that guy!". Also, Robert Redford in his prime.

As for crushes, I've had many, but two stand out. From ever since I can remember, I had a serious thing on Alyssa Milano. She was the one reason I watched Who's the Boss. But what really sent over the edge on her was the Canterville Ghost movie in which she starred. I was jealous of her boyfriend in that film. As I grew older, Ashley Judd became my Muse. Her beauty, realistic approach to life, and joi de vivre were all characteristics that I admired. When I saw Ashley speak at Wheaton College in 2002, I could add another admirable trait, a terrific sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I wanted to be Hayley Mills. I sat through the Parent Trap (way back when it was first out on the big screen) three times, running out between shows to call Mom and ask if I could stay for one more. Then I watched Hayley in The Moon-Spinners (ah, Greece) then The Trouble with Angels (who knew Catholic girl's schools could be so much fun) and then of course, That Darn Cat, she got to work with the FBI! What a trooper.

Anonymous said...

I confess to a crush on Adrian Bonner in the novel Father Melancholy's Daughter, whom the novel's heroine falls in love with. A lovely book by the great Gail Godwin.

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