Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanks, Des Plaines, For Speaking Up

Thanks, Des Plaines, for speaking up.

A librarian can tie pretty much any event back to the library. Arbor Day? Check out our hundreds of books on gardening. Coldest winter on record? Try a steamy romance to melt the frost.

But this Election Day, I just want to thank the people of Des Plaines for speaking up. I’m glad I work in a community that cares deeply about a lot of issues; from immigration to parking, from TIFs to year-round school. And judging by the lines for early voting at City Hall, you care about this election.

Thanks for watching the debates (or The Daily Show), for visiting voterinfonet.com, for putting a sign in your yard, for taking the time to answer pollster questions. Thanks for standing in line for an hour or more to vote. While I’m at it, thanks for putting the little notes in the DVDs when they won’t play properly for you, thanks for pointing out the loose wall outlet, thanks for telling us you loved the Lincoln-Douglas display.

Thank you all, for making your voice heard.


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