Thursday, August 6, 2009

Golden Voices

Ever marvel at the uniqueness of voice? How at the simple utterance of a hello, you know who it is. High, low, squeaky, smooth, young, old. Some audiobook narrators though can't be pegged. These folks are unique for their versatility. At least the good ones.

For finding the good ones, and the perfect audiobook, you must visit this online magazine site, Audiofile. Everything you want to know about audiobooks is there. Descriptions galore but the most special section is the Golden Voices page.

Golden voices highlights narrators that are particulary talented and particulary prolific. I recently listened to The White Tiger mainly because the narrator John Lee was profiled on the site. He captured the Indian accent and the narration of a story in letter form with finesse. He has narrated books by Charles Dickens, John LeCarre, Ruth Rendell and Orhan Pamuk. Versatile to say the least.

From the Golden Voices section dig deeper and read about the profession and what it takes to become a reader. Fun and interesting.

If this isn't the best audiobook resource on the web, please let me know.

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