Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Path

This matron of the blog loved the last blog entry, “Debutante of the Blog” by my new coworker Lynne. It broached a new topic, had that great photograph, it was focused and thematic.

While it was Lynne's first, Positively Ellinwood has been around for about 15 months now, and the talented writers impress me with every entry. The contributors are, for the most part, readers not writers. Yet through the Positively Ellinwood Blog, the soul, humor, and intelligence of this group becomes apparent in the form of the written word. These thoughtful essays illuminate a facet of the library and invite the community to comment, to participate, to benefit.

The debut Tour De Des Plaines Bike Ride was held this past weekend and accomplished something similar, for me at least. Mayor Martin Moylan and the Des Plaines Police Department sponsored the first annual ride through Des Plaines’ eight wards. Back roads, quiet neighborhoods, the new river walk – all places I would have never experienced otherwise. Though the guides were peddling and not furrowing their brow to find the perfect word, they highlighted the best of the city and encouraged the community to comment, to participate, to benefit.

Titles being talked about around town:

Mastering Your Metabolism

The Lost Symbol

Fugitive: A Novel

Olive Kitteridge

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Linda K. said...

I guess I often rag on Des Plaines (living here over 40 years has shown me the good, the bad, and the ugly)so it's nice when things happen that make me proud to live here. Fall Fest at Lake Opeka was one of those things, the Tour De Des Plaines is another, and of course our annual Independence Day Parade. It's also good to know that our new Mayor is getting involved in the community. He even made an appearance at the Friends book sale this past weekend. Way to go Mr. Mayor!

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