Friday, November 6, 2009


Already the stores are playing it..."It's a wonderful time of the year. Christmas is here. Christmas is here. Families together no matter the weather..." Well it's ALMOST that time of year. The time to reflect and rejoice. The previous Positively Ellinwood posting began the season with a description of this year's community Suburban Mosaic literature program on homelessness. Shortly it will be the holidays punctuated by family gatherings. Lots of time together... and while there is nothing wrong with watching the classic It's a Wonderful Life, it is a great time to embellish your viewing repertoire with documentary films that inspire. Real life captured as individuals and groups give, and receive.

Yellow Brick Road follows a group of extraordinary actors from the Drama Program of Long Island's ANCHOR Organization (Answering the Needs of Citizens with Handicaps through Organized Recreation) as they embark on a remarkable four-month-long journey to mount an exceptional and lavish stage performance of The Wizard of Oz.

400 New Jersey musicians and volunteers spread good cheer to the homeless, the sick and the disadvantaged in Rock and a Heart Place. The endeavor involves a year of planning and opportunities for artists to do what they love as well as brighten the lives of others.

The Collector of Bedford Street opens with a man walking his neighborhood asking for donations for charity. Some give and some don't as Larry Selman, a 60 year old man with mental disabilities, solicits weekly. In fact, he raises thousands of dollars a year for charity. When his life teeters on the edge of a crisis, his New York City community comes to his aid through a unique act of generosity.

Please inquire on the 3rd floor of the library for other inspiring titles:
Beyond Our Differences
Cats of Mirikitani
The Heart of Steel
Kicking It
Sister Helen

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Lynne said...

Anything that inspires us to spread kindness and help one another is a good thing. Thanks for the ideas!

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