Monday, December 14, 2009

What a gift.

Movers, shakers, quarrels, bankruptcies, intrigue.

I'm not writing of the latest bestseller but Crain's Chicago Business. I'm hooked on this weekly magazine. I had planned to detail my favorite sections but reconsidered after reading a column that suggested personal finance books to give your loved one this holiday season. Writing about Crain's during the holiday season is like receiving Elisabeth Leamy's Save Big: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands

So onto a hot gift idea. E-Readers. Electronic books. Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook. And the Sony Reader. Are you giving one? Asking for one?

In November 2003, Internet Magazine reported that Barnes and Noble
discontinued an ebook product due to lack of interest. Now six years later, the concept seems to be taking hold with a lot of help from super marketer, technically savvy Amazon.com and their proprietary product, the Kindle. Word has it this product is easy to use, but it will cost you. Of course, all the devices cost money, and the companies that sell them know you will continue to buy from them to add content to the reader you purchased.

Wondering where the library fits into this discussion? A company called Overdrive markets an electronic book collection to libraries. The Des Plaines library has purchased this product, Overdrive's MyMediaMall, for you. Patrons can check out a download of an electronic book and use it on their own Sony Reader. At this time, these free downloadable ebooks only work on the Sony Reader, so it is your best bet if you want to borrow electronic books and not buy them.

What a gift!


Linda K. said...

I have to admit that the B&N Nook intrigues me. Up until now I was strictly a hard-copy-in-hand kind of reader. Now the house is getting crowded with books and an electronic copy is starting to sound better and better.

Roberta said...

I really like the idea of traveling with one. I could bring a bunch of books in my purse on the plane! But I don't think I'm ready to shell out for the device just yet - paperbacks aren't THAT heavy.

odiextian said...

Sony Reader is cool. I got mine using service at www.amzpricesniper.com.

Karen said...

Given the amount of time I spend staring at screens of various sizes, an honest to goodness printed book seems like quite a luxury. I'm also a finicky reader so my house is not overwhelmed with books - shoes yes, books no. :) But I know tons of people who want a Kindle for Christmas.

Lascorpia said...

These devices are very dangerous for book-lovers. I am such an animal and have already submitted the patent for a helmet with a book reader in the front. Now I can read anywhere I can wear a helmet like when I'm driving or working or showering! Thanks Steve Jobs.

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