Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Chance Meeting

I ran into a past acquaintance the other day in an office waiting room. The meeting was so unexpected and delightful, I've been mulling over a strategy for a repeat occurrence. There I was flipping through the pages of the December issue of Travel and Leisure, and Gary Shteyngart interrupted my viewing of a lovely snow scene in Montana. Gary and I met years ago....in Absurdistan, more specifically, when I was listening to his book Absurdistan. That story was mad cap, witty, and wry, and after a few sentences of the magazine article "A Winter's Tale," I recognized his familiar voice and looked at the byline.

It's really not surprising that book authors write elsewhere but I haven't paid attention to this particular path to finding reading material. Dominick Dunne comes to mind as an author that wrote extensively for magazines, as do various nonfiction authors. Novelists, I believe, are a little harder to run into.

Now, though, I have a strategy for a repeat occurrence. I've used the library database, General Reference Center Gold and I've found a list of 18 articles of his.

Do you have a novelist, you'd like to read more of? Let Readers' Services help you discover their other writings. It may not be a serendipitous as my experience but it may be just as delightful.

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