Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miners Wanted

There are eleven days left to EXPLORE! The Adult Winter Reading Club ends on February 28th.

Let me clarify the above two sentences. The Adult Winter "READING" club is not just about reading. It's about listening and watching as well. And it is about exploring new things and there is never a time limit on that.

The theme this winter has been Read-a-Likes and View-a-Likes and we invite you to explore alternatives to your favorite authors and genres. The Readers' Services staff has compiled information for you in the form of bookmarks and posters to help you.

Come up to the third floor and discover eight stations of suggestions. At each you will find a raffle ticket for a drawing for a gift certificate for a local restaurant or business. Thanks to the Friends of the Library and their generous donation, these certificates are fabulous. $25.00 to Cheeseburger in Paradise, Dotombori Japanese Restaurant, Little Villa Restaurant, Mexico Restaurant, Pesche's Flowers, Silver Stallion Restaurant, Thai Square Restaurant and Via Roma Italian Eatery.

No hard hat, flashlight or complicated rules for mining the vast array of materials. Just visit the 3rd floor and EXPLORE.

* a New way to Read with MyMediaMall
* View-a-Likes for Popular Movies
* Classical Music
* Marley & Me Read-a-Likes
* a New Era in Historical Fiction
* World Music
* Teen Reading for Fun, Not School
* Gentle Reads

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