Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Indulgence

I love magazines but I consider them to be a complete indulgence. After all the other reading and information gathering has been done, then dessert is served. Shiny, colorful, focused, creative --- who can resist?

Unfortunately, a lot of people.

2009 was rough for magazines.

Gourmet, Metropolitan Home, Country Home, Domino, Electronic Gaming Monthly,Figure, Teen, Travel & Leisure Golf, Advocate, Vibe are just a few of the titles discontinued last year. 2010, so far, is shaping up to be a better year with less disappearances.

Many magazines that were canceled in print maintained an online presence. Understandable to some degree as reading via an electronic device is gaining popularity with all the new gadgets out there. But in my opinion, the pleasure of the magazine comes from its sensory appeal. How will they ever market fragrances via I-Pad?

There's a magazine consulting professional known as Mr. Magazine who researches and writes about the business. His site is an interesting one to peruse. Not quite dessert but a pretty tasty side dish.

See his list of notable magazines in the past 25 years. Then see how many you can find on the third floor here at the Des Plaines Public Library.

Here's a head start:
Men's Health
Cooking Light
Entertainment Weekly
Martha Stewart Living
Fast Company
In Style
O, the Oprah Magazine
Real Simple
In Touch

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Karen said...

I find this interesting because several magazine publishers have joined together on a recent ad campaign claiming that magazines are as vital as ever. You can read about it here:


I wonder if it's true or wishful thinking? I love magazines in every form so I hope they stick around. As an iPad user, I find the idea of reading a magazine on it quite appealing, as it is lighter in weight and easier to hold than, say, the September issue of Vogue! But there certainly is appeal in a glossy photo spread on real paper. I am not a fan of the cologne samples so I'd be delighted if those disappeared. :)

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