Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Long and Thanks for All the.....

Fans of the late science fiction author Douglas Adams may think the next word in that title sentence should be "Fish," but they would be wrong. * (The aquarium on the second floor is nice, but it's not one of my favorite things at the library.) Instead I am saying so long and thanks for all the ... great books, wonderful co-workers, videos, music, magazines, and programs that I've enjoyed while working at the 3rd floor Readers' Services desk. So many good times, so many talented people. Work. Play. Learn. Create. Dream. and soon ... Remember. Anyway, the reason for the "so long" is that after 10 years here, and over 30 years in private industry, I've decided to retire at the end of October. While I will miss ordering the mystery books and interfacing with my co-workers, my second love is gardening. This year I became a Master Gardener with the University of Illinois Extension service and have made many new friends with lots of new volunteer opportunities that require free weekends. The picture above is me at one of our volunteer booths in front of the library, standing next to a vertical art project that two of my fellow Master Gardener interns created. We had a great time that weekend, following the extension service's motto of "teaching others to learn to grow." I hope to do more projects like this one, join a garden club or two, and take a few more classes.

Since I live in town you'll still see me around because I just can't stay away from books. (Thank goodness for the Mobile Library because it makes a stop every other week just a half a block from our house.) I'll also still be working with that great group of people who care about the future of the library, the Friends of the Des Plaines Library, and may show up at library board meetings from time to time to keep track of what the new board members have in store for my library. In other words... there's really no getting rid of me.

In addition to gardening I will also be spending more time with my husband Ken, and my gray tabby cat Maggie. (Maggie's picture has often been featured in my previous blog posts so of course, she must be in this one too.) It's been a great run and thanks for all the good times!

* So Long and Thanks for All the Fish is the
4th book in the Hitchhiker's Guide "trilogy" by Douglas Adams. If you haven't read it I would highly recommend it. Who knows? You may just discover the answers to Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Posted by Linda Knorr - formerly of Readers' Services


Jo said...

We miss you already Linda!

Roberta said...

I'm one of hundreds of people (patrons and staff) whose reading life has been richer because of Linda. I'm so glad she lives in the neighborhood and will keep dropping by to give me suggestions!

Maggie said...

DPPL's loss is my gain. Now I will have attention on demand. Now I will get treats whenever I ask. Now instead of starting at 7:00 PM, family play time will start at 7:00 AM and last all day. Now I will be petted and brushed (with my long handled brush) as often as I want. Life will be purr-fect with both a Mom and a Dad at home.

However, seriously, Lin will continue to be part of the DPPL family.
I am proud of her and her accomplishments at the Library. And, she has introduced me to many of her Library friends. They are a great bunch.

She is loved here at home too. Now we’ll just have more quality time with her; except, of course, she’ll be a master gardener too.


PS: I’ll still make my presence know on PlainTalk and Positively Ellinwood Street. Oh, and to the Library Board members if they’ll read my emails to them.

Chuck said...

Even though Lin won't be behind the Readers' Services desk anymore, her presence will still be felt at the Library. To borrow another quotation from Douglas Adams, "Don't panic!"

Laura A. said...

Linda is one of the greats in Des Plaines Library history, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with and learned from her. I'm currently enjoying the mystery Still Life, by Louise Penny, a book she recommended on the last day we worked together. Miss you Linda!

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