Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life's Little Ironies

Seems like all entities involved in the book world are addressing E-reading. Libraries are staying current by providing electronic content and devices, publishers are designing new marketing strategies, and book stores are selling the flashy gadgets along side plain old printed material. As this universe is perfected and prices keep dropping E-reading is going to be inevitable. Here at the library, as you probably know, we have several Sony Readers to lend for our Ebook discussions and the Barnes and Noble Nook is our winter reading club prize. (thanks to the Friends of the Library)

Given all that, imagine that there is another new format being touted. This one in Europe by the Spanish publishing house Ediciones B. Described as "a sensational innovation in the world of books, Librinos, are innovative in concept, format and material. Easy to read everywhere: on the beach, in bed, on the go." And want to know what it is? A minuscule paperback that opens from the bottom up like a notebook with the binding at the top. How I would love to be privy to the research on this packaging. While we here are all about the gadget, someone has reinvented the low tech paperback. Who would have thought the two continents would be so different? But are we? Interestingly, the titles that have been printed in this new mini paperback form are mainly from English speaking authors. Five of the first six titles published are from authors you know and love... like life's little ironies.

The Magic Circle by Katherine Neville

Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

Winter in Madrid by CJ Sansom


Linda K. said...

I love the concept of low-tech paperbacks! In fact, much of my current personal library consists of them. I even have fancy fabric covers to protect the books and hide the titles (just in case I want to keep my romance reading a secret.) My only problem? If they get any smaller I'll have to carry a magnifying glass in my pocket!

Laura A. said...

They're very cute! And I like small and lightweight. Like Linda, I don't like tiny print, though. One of the cool things about e-readers, the Sony e-reader anyway, is that it can enlarge the type.

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