Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Read Something Different

I was talking to someone about our book discussions. Last month we discussed Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonsen and I heard that most of the participants loved the book. However, when asked if they thought teens would like it, the consensus was no. Interestingly, next month's discussion is on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, a book very popular with teens.

When I am choosing a book discussion book, I will often choose a title I have wanted to read and started reading (often several times) but stopped. I know that I will read it for the discussion. I love reading our book group selections because it gets me to read something different, something I wouldn't have otherwise finished. And even though some have been more difficult to get through, they are always rewarding.

Similarly, I will occasionally read something completely out of my normal routine. A few years back I read a few romance books, at another time it was a couple of westerns. My intention is usually to find out what makes them popular. But what surprises me each time is that I really enjoy reading them. Maybe I just enjoy reading. But stepping outside my comfort zone from time to time reminds me of how much I enjoy reading. So next time you're looking for something to read, pick something different and see how it goes. It's like exercise but without the pain. If you need more of a nudge, sign up for a book discussion.


Lynne said...

The Book Group section is my favorite aisle to browse. I can always find something challenging, something that sticks with me and that I am glad to recommend to others.

Roberta said...

Reading "the genre I like" too often dulls my pleasure in it. I love Law and Order, but after a few hundred episodes you can recite the dialogue before the characters do. Stepping out of the zone refreshes my appreciation of reading in general. Even if I don't like the particular book, I feel like my horizons have been widened.

Linda K. said...

David, you're right that book group selections tend to stretch our reading horizons. My comfort zone is normally fiction, especially mysteries, but lately I have been reading non-fiction for a series of book discussions. While I might not always enjoy the books, I know I learn more by reading outside of my zone. (Looking forward to participating in The Hunger Games discussion.)

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