Thursday, April 21, 2011

Serial Adventures

"Now that all the bookstores are closing, I'm going to have to go to the library."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I overheard that statement from a person reading a paperback on the train. Mainly, I wanted to get up and shout the benefits of public libraries and get that person a library card. Tout de suite.

It seems fitting that I should now list ALL the advantages of a library but I've been wanting to post about the new magazines we have added to the collection for 2011.
About 25 plus new titles were
added. Ironically, we learned of many of these new titles by visiting a nearby Borders. The closing of that store won't stop us from finding new and interesting titles this year. We are a resourceful bunch and greatly admire Mr. Magazine and you for suggestions.

Many of the magazines we added in 2011 follow a new trend. Highly specialized and diverse. Chicago Crescent, India Today and News China focus on specific communities affecting all of our lives. Midwest Gaming, Cardmaker, Just CrossStitch, Woodcraft target hobbyists. Looking Back appeals to Seniors. Cicada to teens. If you had to open your wallet to read one of these magazines, you'd probably stick with a familiar topic. But at the library being adventurous doesn't cost a thing.

2011 Additions
Cardmaker, Chicago Crescent, Cicada, Do It Yourself, Equus, Fitness Magazine, Guitar Aficiando, Heart and Soul, Illinois Game and Fish, Just CrossStitch, Looking Back, Midwest Gaming and Travel, News China, Realms of Fantasy, Shonen Jump, Small Business Opportunities, UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, WoodCraft, Yoga Plus Joyful Living

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