Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Navy SEALs in Fiction

For some reason this week I have had three separate people asking to help them find fiction featuring Navy SEALs. One was even looking for romance (books) with Navy SEALs and I was rather surprised to find we have some.

The SEALs are a special warfare group of the Navy. SEAL stands for SEa, Air and Land Team, meaning they can operate anywhere. They tend to be involved in secret or high-level operations. If they are intriguing, try reading one of these novels about them.

Richard Marcinko (a former SEAL) writes the Rogue Warrior series. The first book is Rogue Warrior.
Tom Clancy's books Rainbow Six and Without Remorse feature John Clark a former Navy SEAL.
Several of Patrick Robinson's books, such as To the Death feature Navy SEALs.
In James Rollins' Sigma Force novels, the character Sean McKnight is a former SEAL.
Brad Thor's series features former SEAL Scott Harvath. Also his Dark Fathom novel features Jack Kirkland former Navy SEAL.
Suzanne Brockman's Troubleshooters" and "Tall, Dark & Dangerous" are series of romance/action novels feature Navy SEALs.
Dee Henderson's romance Series Uncommon Heroes features Navy SEALs.

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