Friday, August 26, 2011

Fitness - Get Motivated and Get Moving!

"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners." ~William Shakespeare

Lately it seems like every day that I work at the Readers' Services desk, a patron asks me about exercise DVDs. Could it be that I am more aware of these requests because of my own recent fitness efforts, or are there really more of us reaching out to exercise regularly and improve our health? That I don't know, but I do know that the library can be as great a resource for your fitness plans as it has been for mine.

Using the library as my source for fitness materials has given me the opportunity to create a truly personalized plan because I can try out different recipes and workout styles, without spending a fortune on stuff that doesn't work for me. What does work? For me, workouts that make me feel good afterward and recipes that are both healthy and yummy are great motivators. And they are right here, ready to check out. Having all of the library's knowledge and inspiration at my fingertips has gone a long way toward helping me to create measurable results.

Books on nutrition and wellness, along with cookbooks that emphasize healthy foods, can be found on the fourth floor (look under the call numbers 612, 613, and 641.5) And on the third floor, we have workout DVDs (look under DVD 613.7), fitness and health magazines, and even Playaways - small digital audiobooks - geared toward walking and yoga. The shelves here are chock full of information, strategies and aids that can motivate anyone, at any level of fitness, to get up and go for it!

Click here for a list of my top 10 favorites. If you are so inspired, give some of them a try. Or come and check out our collections and find some favorites of your own. What motivates you to move?

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Anonymous said...

What motivates me to move? Zumba! It's a great way to exercise whether you're fit or a couch potato. DP Park District has classes for all levels and there are a few books and DVDs out there. I wish there were more.

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