Friday, April 20, 2012

I Never Wanted it to End

Lunch this afternoon was inspiring. I had a burger from a local place called Paradise Pup and it was so divine, I never wanted it to end. Seriously -- never. The experience transcended hunger. I had no urge to gorge myself. I didn't want another cheeseburger (or two or three) after I consumed that one, because I did not want to stop consuming that one...ever. I like food, but that was a rare moment for me. One that I highly recommend. The only other gastronomic experience I can compare it to is my first taste of creme brulee.

I have felt that way about a select few novels, too. Out of all the books I have loved reading, those highlighted below comprise a special category, not chosen by genre, literary acclaim, or mass appeal, but by the particular feeling they aroused. Each was a reading experience I never wanted to end.
I have read each of the books on my "Never Wanted it to End" list at least twice. I look forward to reading them again. And I certainly intend to order another Cheddar Burger from Paradise Pup. Soon. Maybe with a side of their Triple Layer Fries...to try something new.

What books, or food, would you add to your "Never Wanted it to End" list?


Roberta said...

I know this feeling exactly. You want to race through it because its so good, but you limit yourself to a chapter a day so it lasts longer. It's the difference between Paradise Pup and McDonalds. The last two books I read that gave me this feeling were The Family Fang and the Scorpio Races.

infojoanie said...

Just this morning I limited myself to two chapters of the Scorpio Races because I'm getting so close to then end....but I can't wait to get home and finish it!

Linda K. said...

Ah, Paradise Pup. Love those cheeseburgers, and then there's the polish sausage, and oh, those loaded fries. Oh wait, I think we were supposed to talk about books too. I always wish the mysteries by Louise Penny would never end. Then there's The Hunger Games. I know there are sequels, but they just don't match the thrill of the first in that series.

Laura A. said...

Ahhh, I love the books and food analogy! I heartily agree with you about My Antonia. I also never wanted Cather's Song of the Lark to end. (She wanted to call it Artist's Youth, which her publisher rejected. But that sums up its essence.)

More recently, The Marriage Plot by was a gratifying experience. It was a longer than average book for me, but still too brief. But I still have his middle novel to look forward to--Middlesex!

Gus said...

So there I was, reading "I Am Legend", enjoying it and thoroughly engrossed. I turned a page as I reached the bottom, and- whaaaa?- it ENDED! Just right there! All at once. I honestly thought there were pages missing. It was a great story, and it ended so suddenly it made me a little sad, and angry.

I'll read it slower next time.

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