Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fright Night

Its that time of the year again where the scary and the haunted is popular once more. People decorating their houses to catch some eyes, offices putting out light signs of Halloween and Fall, people stocking up and sugary sweets, children and adults alike shopping for this year's outfit, people snuggling up or biting their nails to a classic or new horror book, among many others things. Aside from Haunted Houses, horror films are my favorite part of October. There are many horror films out there but today I will put out a few of my favorites and hopefully entice you to check them out if your gut is up for the challenge. 

Although the original is definitely all the rave and of course a classic, I feel like the Rob Zombie remake does not get the attention it deserves. This film, set in Haddonfield, Illinois, tells the tale of a boy of the name by Michael Myers who commits a murder of another student. He gets admitted into a child psychiatric ward and starts a fascination with masks. Over time he commits more murders and grows up into the monster that is known everywhere as Michael Myers. He escapes and tries heading to his home after 15 years and collects the mask he had before and the knife he had interest in, and his rampage starts.

The Shining 
This film is definitely one of my favorites and kept me on the edge of my seat once the action started. If you crave suspense and surprise and have not seen this classic film, I do recommend it. The film, stars the character Jack Torrence who gets hired for a job at a hotel, which is built on an Indian Burial Ground. His family comes with and a snowstorm hits the hotel, leaving those in it, snowed in. A supernatural presence takes over Jack's personality and he starts terrorizing and killing everyone in the hotel or ice coffin as you can try putting it. He finally gets the idea to try and take a stab at his wife and son and they try and flee and escape him.

Another classic that feeds on many peoples fear of clowns, this film follows the story of a young boy and eventually a group of young students who meet each other because of one common bully. Pennywise the clown, (portrayed by Tim Curry) can feed on their fears and eventually take their life. They must band together to overcome this evil shape-shifting demon while along the way facing bullies. Again, if you do not like clowns, feel free to watch this and take a risk.

Silent Hill 
This film is taken from the video game series. It follows the main woman, Rose, who is trying to find aid for her adopted daughters ailment. She eventually finds the thought to be a myth town of Silent Hill. After arriving there she finds something wrong with the town immediately as well as finding out the hard way that the town shifts into a nightmare at nights. She uncovers a local cult there and also finds out that her daughter has a link to the town. This film most certainly has creepy elements to it and I do not recommend it if you are squeamish, definitely one of my favorite films of all time. Interestingly after 6 years, the sequel comes out this October 26th, 2012 in 3D. Not recommended for Children.

Saw (Series) 
The Saw Series starts out with the life of John Kramer who kidnaps those who abuse their life. The victims are abusive managers, people who embezzle, bad spouses, those who are not grateful for living among other reasons for kidnapping them. John Kramer aka "Jigsaw" puts them through various physical and mental tests to test their will to live through traps, puzzles and torture. He claims that those who survive will be grateful for their life and be stronger people for it. There are backstories to everyone so don't assume everyone's motives for no reasons.

Those are just a few of the many horror films I recommend you watch. For more screams, terror, suspense and goosebumps, check out these other spine tingling titles:


Fiona Dinwiddie said...

If The Shining were remade today, who would play the Jack Nicholson role?

Great list, by the way.

Tracy G. said...

Excellent list just in time for the season. I would also add The Ring, The Blob, and The Strangers. All stick with me for various reasons

Lynne said...

I think Brad Pitt would make an excellent Jack Torrence. He has brought an off-balance intensity to some roles that I think would be a good fit.

Linda K. said...

The scariest movies for me on the ones with less gore and more mind tricks. Both the original and the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers are among my favorite Fright Night viewing.

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