Friday, November 30, 2012

November Noir

November is National Novel Writing Month. A month in which aspiring writers all over the country flock to NaNoWriMo's website to commit to writing every single day in November to kick-start their creative drives. Our very own Des Plaines Library staff is in on the action this November with a Murder in the Des Plaines Library mystery novel which is available to to read here for any party interested in a little bit of municipal murder. As of today, the novel is complete, so you won't even have to suffer any unnecessary suspense!

That's not the only place to look for a new Mystery, though; we've got a lot of great recently arrived titles and coming attractions by beloved authors like Janet Evanovich and J.D. Robb. Or, pick up a darker read by Swedish author Helene Tursten. For a complete list of new and upcoming Mysteries and availability details, click here.





Anonymous said...

Look I don't mean to cut you off...Imma let you finish...but Murder at Des Plaines Library is on of the greatest cozy/violent/fantasy/feline-infused mystery novels of ALL TIME

Maggie K said...

Meow for Feline Fatale! I was beginning to think yous guys were gonna nix the furry connection.

Linda K. said...

Loved the serial mystery! You know that this type of book is usually prefixed by the word "Naked" right? Naked Came the Manatee, Naked Came the Phoenix, and so on? But I suppose Naked Came the Librarians would be just a little risque?

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