Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Books of the 2012

One thing I love about this time of year is this is when all the "Best of" lists and award winners come out. I usually come out with my own best books of the year list. And as I was thinking about it I realized I didn't really have any. The best books I read this year were actually from last year. The Sisters Brothers, Caleb's Crossing, The Lost Memory of Skin, 11/22/63 and Steve Jobs were my top five reads this year and all were from the previous years. The new books I did read were more of the popular fiction variety. I don't think this was any worse of a year for literature. It was more that I was really trying to catch up on all the great books I've missed. Time stops for no man, so I now have more catching up to do.

The one list that I await the most is the New York Times list of 100 Notable Books. It came out on November 27th. In most years I count how many I have already read when in comes out usually there are five or ten. This year I have read none yet but I have now placed holds on many of the titles.

So when it comes time for new years resolutions, I would like read one book from 2012 and one book from 2013 each month.

What were some of the best books you have read this year? And which end of year lists do you most look forward to?

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Tracy G. said...

My favorites this year also consist of many books from previous years. "Gone Girl" and "Ready Player One" were both fantastic on audio. Fifty Shades of Grey was great too...if you are looking for entertainment value.

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