Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Give us Some Sugar

February is Library Lovers' Month; an entire month dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and preserving libraries of the public, academic, and private varieties. Librarysupport.net offers a variety of suggestions for supporting your library during this auspicious time. Some of their ideas include...

  • Contribute
                              You can contribute time or even books to the library. Books are generally sold at the year-round, or quarterly book-sale managed by the Friends of the Library, and the proceeds are used to fund library programming. If you'd specifically like for a book to be included in our circulating collection, let us know and we'd be glad to incorporate it!

  • Be a Friend
                              The Friends of the Library is an organization which aims to support the library. Volunteers spend their time sorting and selling donations to raise funds and then meet to decide where and how to allocate the money they've earned. They are great supporters, and tremendously appreciated by our staff and patrons!

  •  Volunteer
                             If you don't have enough time to commit to joining the Friends organization, consider volunteering fewer hours in a different capacity. For information on volunteer opportunities call the library at (847) 827-5551 and ask to speak with Heather Imhoff who manages our public relations.

  • Promote
                             Tell a friend! We try very hard at the library to offer programs and materials that are relevant to the interests and needs of our community.  We do our best to promote that effort, but there's no better promotion than your personal recommendation to a friend or family member.

  • Declare your love
                             Write to the Des Plaines Journal about how much we mean to you, or let the city council know. You can even attend a monthly library board meeting and bring your message straight to the scene of the action. All declarations of love are appreciated, but we know the board loves a good sonnet.

So, what do you say, Library Lovers? Will you be our Valentine this February?


Anonymous said...

Sonnets are too dry

To pledge my library love.

How about haiku?

Anonymous said...
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