Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Have (Funny) Audiobook, Will Travel

There is something romantic about the idea of tackling the open road in summer. A warm breeze on your skin as you ride along the interstate, the music blaring as you sing along...if you can only make it through an hour or so of congested Chicagoland traffic.

For those of us with a more realistic sense of what driving in Illinois can be like (painfully gridlocked or utterly boring), audiobooks can help bring some serenity (now) to summer road trips or even just the daily commutes. Especially if those audiobooks can actually make you laugh while stuck in traffic.

 If listening to whole novels seems daunting or even more tedious than the traffic, try some of the great comedic memoirs and recordings in the nonfiction section. A little laughter can help speed along a not-so-pleasant journey, and make you less likely to think ill of fellow drivers. Plus our collection ranges from the best of NPR's Car Talk to Adam Carolla to Tina Fey. They also fit in well with our summer reading theme "Have Book, Will Travel" which starts on June 8th this year.

Whether you are going to the beach, downtown Chicago, or just to work, here are some great comedic audiobooks that can make the trip just a little bit easier:


Linda K. said...

OMG. Love that picture of the orange tabby driving! Comedy routines by Bill Cosby (To Russell My Brother) and Bob Newhart (The Retirement Party) have been favorites since the old days of LP records. They still work for me.

Krispie McCereal said...

Yay, you included David Rakoff, my all time favorite audiobook author! He goes between scathingly critical of society at large to positively and beautifully philosophical, all smoothly within a few minutes. RIP Rakoff.

Laura A. said...

I second the Bill Cosby recommendation. I have fond memories of listening to those albums as a child with my next-door neighbors. David Sedaris on audio is great, too!

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