Friday, June 21, 2013

Yes, We Have Polish Music CDs!

Years ago, comedian and actor Paul Reiser had a routine in which he poked fun of Americans for the speed with which they change the radio station when a song in a foreign language comes on. The American radio listener, he said, will be happily bopping along to the radio, enjoying the instrumental section of a song, only to change the station the instant the singing commences.

Since then, World Music has become increasingly popular, and I like to think people aren't as quick to change the station when they hear songs in other languages. Here at the library we have a World Music collection that encompasses music from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Polish CDs are among the most popular, and the Polish CD collection includes pop and rock performers as well as more traditional Polish music.

Here's a partial list of the collection:

Polish Music on CD

Do you have a favorite artist or group that performs in a language other than English? Feel free to chime in!

Photo: http://www.zakopower.pl/galeria.php


Anonymous said...

I really loved some of the music I heard in the Bollywood films I have watched, and even added a song or two to my computer.

The only thing that throws me off about listening to in different languages is my terrible urge to sing along to songs, much to the displeasure of anyone who can hear my singing!

Anonymous said...

We've always loved the World Music CDs. Although we're more inclined to go for the German march music and drinking songs.

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