Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot August Night

Okay. Technically the concert was in July, but Neil Diamond fans know that Hot August Night is both the title of a concert, an album, and the opening words to that crowd pleaser, Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. "The Legend Returns" read the promotions for the concert at the United Center in Chicago, and he is indeed a legend. At 67, Neil Diamond is said to be the oldest artist with a new No. 1 album (Home Before Dark) and the oldest male performer to take on a major arena tour. I went to the United Center on July 26th with my sisters – we're all big fans, thank goodness. (Think about it. How would you like sitting in a car with three other people singing Neil Diamond songs, all the way to the United Center and back if you were not a fan?) Anyway, a few years ago we went as far as Omaha to see him in concert and my sisters have been to Grand Rapids and long, long ago to McCormick Place, where a long-haired Neil wandered the stage taking requests. Attending one of his concerts is practically a religious experience. He encourages the audience to sing along, and of course, we all know the words. He has a great crew of musicians and back-up singers, with lights and video adding to the experience. There’s nothing like a live concert, especially with a performer whose music you’ve been enjoying for decades.

If you haven't listened to Home Before Dark I would encourage you to do so. Pretty Amazing Grace, No Words, and Don't Go There are among my favorites on the CD, but for the first time in years I actually purchased a CD where I don’t want to skip over any of the tracks. I like them all!

Look for Neil Diamond CD's in our Popular music collection on the 3rd floor.

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