Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night at the Library

This is my dream job. Surrounded by the books, movies, and music that I love, I am privileged to aid and associate with people who also love books, movies, and music. Each Friday night, I man the Readers' Services desk here on the 3rd floor of the Des Plaines Public Library. This is the night when families and individuals, young and old, go on the hunt for weekend entertainment.

Most folks head to the 3rd floor looking for DVDs, and with over 10,000 titles in our adult collection alone, we've got more than a little something for everyone. It's always nice to see a patron leave with a stack of DVDs hand-picked for that evening's movie night. I can practically smell the popcorn. Here at the library, we have Friday Night Films of our own each month. Tonight's showing was 500 Days of Summer.

It's not all about the DVDs, though. Friday night patrons choose weekend getaway music from an extensive variety of CDs. They come looking for a book to ease into on a Sunday afternoon. And some are seeking a quiet place to work or study.

No two Fridays are just alike, of course. Some nights the place is buzzing with an intensity of purpose. We're so busy, it feels like standing room only among the feature films, and bustling patrons clamor up and down the stairs on their own private missions. Every table is occupied, young people are socializing in the teen lounge, and our group study rooms are filled with students cramming for exams. Then on other nights, like tonight, there is a quiet, restful air about the place. People leisurely browse the CD and DVD collections. They take the time to read inside the dust covers before choosing a book, and often settle into a comfortable chair to read for a while.

So if you're wondering what to do with your weekend, visit us here on the 3rd floor some Friday night. Among all of the books, movies, and music, and other folks, like you, who enjoy them too, you're sure to find some inspiration.


Linda K. said...

Ah, that's what's missing - popcorn. I love the British DVD collections and have discovered some new US television programs by browsing, straightening DVDs, and shelving. I just discovered Wonderfalls , a comedy about a woman who works in a souvenir shop in Niagara falls. There's no end to the goodies I can find.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of movie nights, Lynne, I have it on good authority that your husband- that devilishly handsome, sweet lug, would love it if you would bring home "Iron Man". How do I know? Call it a hunch. ;-)


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