Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My kind of thriller

I was reading the Chicago Tribune this weekend and there was a review for Michael Harvey's new book The Third Rail. I have not read the book yet, but something in the review intrigued me (and I reserved the book). It said, "Harvey... does for the Windy City what Michael Connelly did for Los Angeles". It got me thinking who is the quintessential Chicago crime writer.

Do you look for books based on where they take place? I love to read books set in Chicago when they are accurate. But when I find a little mistake here or there it drives me nuts. If something happens at an intersection of two streets that in the real world don't intersect, I will put the book down and I probably won't read anything else by that author.

Here are a few authors who have written thrillers set in Chicago:

Sara Paretsky
Hugh Holton
J. A. Konrath
Max Allan Collins
Marcus Sakey

Who am I forgetting?


Cathy F. said...

Libby Fischer Hellman can be added to the list. She has written several books and has edited a new collection of thrillers set in Chicago called
Chicago Blues.

Linda K. said...

And let's not forget Richard Whittingham - David's dad. I loved both of his dark and gritty mysteries and always wished he had written more mysteries. State Street and Our Kind of Town both give a good feel of the city.

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