Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Matte or Glossy?

Okay sometimes it just happens. A newspaper advice column appears before my eyes and the next thing I know I have read the whole thing. It happened to me last week as I read a rather poignant plea for help.The letter started Dear So and So, a few of my friends have told me I'm dull. What should I do?

Well, Ms. Advice Columnist took a very calm approach. Her first response was not "with friends like these who needs enemies." Instead she began a discussion of different personalities and how some of us have a matte finish and some have a glossy finish. And some of her best friends are in fact a little dull but they are good listeners, reliable and comforting.

This holiday season many gift givers are going to be evaluating ebook devices. You have seen the glossy tablets that are the life of the party. Pretty colors shining luminously from the screen, images swirling and gliding across the screen. These devices provide access to media of all types. But there is something to be said for the devices that are more single in purpose --- mainly to read a book. Typically these use e-ink and they mimic the traditional reading experience. The Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Nook are examples of ereaders that use this technology. They are less of an investment, sturdy and have a long battery life. They may look dull, but let's say they have a matte finish and could be a reader's best friend.

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CNET.com has handy reviews of devices as well.
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Roberta said...

I loved the Kindle I borrowed from the library. I think the more interactive tablets are great, but not for reading. it's too easy to get distracted and wander off into the internet. The Kindle has a great dictionary and really promotes a pleasant reading experience. Reading in bed is so much easier!

Linda K. said...

I'm a fan of the Nook. I love being able to download a new, or favorite oldie, and start right in reading. However, I still love that old stand-by - the "matte" look and feel of actual paper!

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