Tuesday, November 8, 2011

War is Hell (and Sometimes Funny)

"Razzle dazzle!"
Veteran's Day is here! My dad is a former naval officer and Vietnam veteran. I'm sure his memory contains many war stories where stress and danger are central themes. But the war stories I grew up on had a very different flavor. Sitting around the dinner table long after the the meal was done, he would keep us in stitches with tales of hijinks and misadventure. He told stories about a destroyer running into a reef because no one wanted to wake the captain, about target practice with 5" guns versus one very lucky cow, and about an encounter between local law enforcement and a busload of drunken sailors. I was fascinated by this glimpse into his life before me, and I knew from an early age that military life can provide plenty of fodder for laughs.

This is a day set aside to honor the men and women who have fought, and continue to fight, to protect the rights and freedoms we enjoy in this country. I am proud of the service my father provided for his country, and try to remember to thank him for it each Veterans Day. Thank the veterans in your life by tickling their funny bone with a military comedy.

Click here for a list of DVDs filled with U. S. military-issue hilarity.


Linda K. said...

My Dad was in the Navy in WWII. He also had some funny stories. I just wish I had written them all down. Love the pictures you chose. "Stripes" is one of my favorite military movies - "Army training Sir!" and how can you beat Peter Sellers in multiple roles?

Claire said...

My Grandpa always says that he "never got wounded in the war, but [his] feelings got hurt plenty of times."

Gus said...

Claire, that's a great quote! And Lynne, I love your dad's Navy stories too.

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