Friday, March 9, 2012

All American Nightmare

All American Nightmare. Hmm...whenever I hear that I automatically think of music. Hard Rock in fact. Why do you ask? Well, a band from the midwest by then name of Hinder have an album that was released quite some time ago entitled, All American Nightmare. Most of the lyrics involved in this production you would find in most 80's Hair Rock albums and instrumentally this album sounds a bit southern with a touch of Hard Rock influence in it. While their previous two albums had a more softer, more standard rock sound, this album took on a more of a harder turn. In my eyes these guys are a Hard Rock band covered by Glam and Hair. This album is pretty much straightforward, talks about girls, relationships and just having the best time you can possibly have. 
If I were to name three similar sounding bands compared to this specific album I would have to narrow the bands down do Nickelback, Warrant, and hints of Def Leppard.

My personal favorite tracks off the album which I highly recommend for various reasons are: What Ya Gonna Do, The Life, Red Tail Lights and Striptease. The first song What Ya Gonna Do tells somewhat of a little story of someone who has a problem with drinking. The songs asks "What ya gonna do when the whiskey ain't working no more?" The drunk person in the song never calls home, misses days, and receives calls from his significant other just see see if he's alive or ready for a relationship. This song I hope helps anyone who has to deal with someone whom they love has drinking issues. The Life talks about when you work hard and try to do all that you can to accomplish and achieve your dreams and once you get there, maybe your dreams aren't all that exciting as you would hoped it would be. Like some of the lyrics say, "This is the life they talked about...when all the dreams are all your own, turn to nightmares all alone, it hits you right between the eyes, this is the life. Nothings ever what it seems, maybe that grass ain't so green, nothings out of reach." Probably my favorite lyrics off this album. Wow. Red Tail Lights is another song about a relationship that is on the line and ending right then and there. The chorus explains it all "Girl I swear I wasn't running around, Just got sick of you puttin' me down, and who died and made you queen? You can't put this all on me, girl our love's on the line right now, should we fight or turn around? I know there's got to be more to this thing, then two hearts goin' their separate ways, red tail lights in the pourin' rain." Another great set of lyrics which I'm sure will help anyone cope with breakups and hard relationships. Finally Striptease is straightforward is about talentless pop artists who only live life on solely by their looks and think they are the greatest and best singers. Ill let you discover the satisfying lyrics in your own, its worth the wait.

Well this album pretty much tells everything like it is. Straightforward and direct with its lyrics while keeping the instrumentals simple and rocking. I definitely listened to this album almost everyday for the longest time after I received it. Personally on a scale I would give this album 8.5 stars out of 10. Great album. I suggest you give it a listen if your into Rock of course or just need a little pick me up when times are tough.

Official Site: http://www.hindermusic.com/home/index.shtml
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hinder
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/hindermusic

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