Friday, September 7, 2012

IMAX, why did it have to be IMAX?

In the midst of composing today's planned blog post, my machinations came to a screeching halt when I discovered Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark will be coming back to movie theaters, for one week, Sept. 7-13. In IMAX.

There are few instances in life when my schedule becomes instantly rearranged due to a piece of news: this is one such case. Now, I am not especially crazy about shelling out a chunk of cash on a suped-up movie viewing experience. Sure, there are some movies that just beg to be seen on the big screen (Marvel's the Avengers and Prometheus come to mind), but I have always viewed IMAX as a sort of overkill for the movie-going experience. I suppose my biggest fear is that I would feel that the quality of the movie would not stand up to the IMAX experience (and I'd feel like I wasted my hard-earned funds). Well, what better time to cut my teeth on a supposedly unbelievable way of watching a movie with a film that single-handedly personifies the term "larger than life"?

By the way, this whole Raiders-on-IMAX gig is meant to be a precursor to the release of the first three Indiana Jones movies (the real ones) on BluRay on Sept. 18. We'll have these at DPPL - keep an eye on our catalog for an opportunity to place these on hold!

Raiders of the Lost Ark is mine. Do you have a film that would make you drop everything and run to see it if it arrived back on the big screen?


Brodie Austin said...

I love Days of Heaven, and try to see it on the big screen whenever I can. Seeing it on IMAX would be mind blowing.

Linda K. said...

My choice would be Singin' in the Rain. I saw this many years ago on the big screen at the Pickwick in Park Ridge and would love to see it again as an IMAX. Larger than life tap dancing by Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds!

Laura A. said...

Cinema Paradiso! I think all movies about movies should be experienced in a theater.

Anonymous said...

Two favorites, both currently available solely on VHS:

The Wizard of Speed & Time

Electric Dreams

Lynne said...

I second the choice of Cinema Paradiso! I would love to see North by Northwest and Blade Runner on the big screen, too.

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