Friday, September 14, 2012

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

How do you figure out what book to read next? I think a fair amount of us rely on a combination of serendipity while browsing and other people’s recommendations. There are a lot of areas in the library where you can get the best of both of those worlds. 

Courtesy of zen

Take for instance the somewhat hidden and mysterious Mullenbach Collection. Often shrouded in secrecy in the Rotary Heritage Room, all the books available in this collection are classics or contemporary favorites of literary quality. A few new titles are added each year so along with perennial picks such as The Catcher in the Rye you can find fresh copies of instant classics such as The Help. The first section of books across the Rotary Heritage Room is the Book Group Collection. This area features copies of past book club reads and is a great place to look if you are stumped on what to read next. Or if you never got around to reading “that book everyone keeps talking about” such as The Hunger Games.  

Another place to look for recommendations is the Positively Ellinwood Street blog display located on the third floor. We feature suggestions from our blog posts there, along with bookmarks and flyers on different topics such as popular teen books or books to read while you wait for your Fifty Shades of Grey hold to come in. 

Of course we are always available at the Readers Services desk if you are not sure where to look for your next great read. Beyond our powerful minds we can provide lists of similar authors to your favorite writer or similar materials to a book you just read and loved. One of my new favorite quotes about reading comes from Diane Duane’s So You Want to Be a Wizard: “Reading one book is like eating one potato chip”. If you feel the same way about reading, Des Plaines Public Library can easily be all that and a bag of chips for your reading tastes.  

How did you stumble across the last great book you read? And how will you find your next read? 


Lynne said...

I will probably find my next read the same ways I usually find them -- either from browsing the Book Group section on the 3rd floor here at the library or from a patron or colleague recommendation. Those 2 methods rarely steer me wrong.

Laura A. said...

I confess that I browse much less than I used to. Besides getting recommendations from friends, family and co-workers, I rely on the Sunday New York Times Book Review and Printers Row, the Sunday book review supplement published by the Chicago Tribune. Because both of these are cataloged and shelved with magazines, you can even check out the older issues!

Linda K. said...

I love browsing but I'm more likely to do it at a Barnes & Noble store. I note the books I'm interested in, buy a few (more on my Nook these days than hardcover) and put the others on hold at the library. Always something out there for me.

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