Friday, August 30, 2013

Celebrate Labor Day and Workers with These Great DVDs

It's one of the most dramatic moments in movie history and the lead actress, Sally Field, doesn't say a word. Instead, she stands on a table in a textile mill as machines clatter and whir around her and holds up a sign that says UNION. One by one her co-workers, including her mother who has lost most of her hearing at the mill, shut down their machines.

Norma Rae, for which Sally Field won an Oscar, is one of the best movies about workers but far from the only one. The library owns many others, from feature films like Matewan, set in a West Virginia coal mining town in the 1920s, to Harlan County, USA, by master documentarian Barbara Kopple, who received an Academy Award for Harlan County as well as American Dream, the latter also about workers and as suspenseful as many feature films. These movies are compelling and entertaining as well as a great way to celebrate Labor Day and the contributions of workers to society.

Feel free to recommend your own favorite movies about workers.

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Linda K. said...

Okay, I know it's not great drama (in fact, it's not drama at all) but my favorite Labor Day movie is Office Space! 15 pieces of "Flair." We need to talk about your TPS Reports. You have my stapler. That evil fax/copy machine. If you've seen the movie you recognize the references. If not, watch it this weekend!

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