Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Lure of the Hold List

Your library card grants you telekinesis on books, movies, and music available at the library. Being able to reserve materials feels like the force for me.

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 It is neutral  in nature, maybe even lawful neutral (Dungeons & Dragons anyone?), but in the wrong hands (my hands) it can become a problem. A Hoarders-like problem.

Putting things on hold through the library catalog inevitably becomes a free version of an online shopping binge. Which is awesome at first.

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Then when the items I have ordered come in, I am left awash in a sea of disturbed confusion, trying to piece together what events and thoughts led me to request half the YALSA Quick Picks list, Train's Drops of Jupiter, and Alive at the same time.

Being able to request a nearly unlimited amount of items through the library is a great power. And with it comes great responsibility as Uncle Ben said in Spiderman. Use it wisely, and before deciding you can read 6 books at once via osmosis merely by stacking them near your bed, consider adding them to The List You Never Finish first.

On the opposite end of the holds spectrum, if you are eagerly awaiting a hot item, consider asking us for suggestions to pass the time with. You may stumble across an undiscovered gem while waiting for your hold to come in.

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Linda K. said...

Ah, the lure of the hold list. How well I remember it. But that was then and this is now. Now I pretty much stick with what's on the shelf and available this minute. If something is truly a "hot item" for me I usually break down and order it on my Nook. Ah, the lure of the Nook.

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