Monday, April 27, 2009

Play the Game

Did you ever watch the $10,000 Pyramid Game Show? It was popular in the 70's. I wish I could say I just know of it from reruns, but I watched it real time and it was a favorite. Basically, the game involved word clues being given by one team member to the other team member who had to guess the category that all the clues fell into. (At least that's how I remember it.) So let's play.

Here are the clues:

Hobby Farms
Going Bonkers
Mental Floss

If you've browsed the magazine collection on the 3rd floor you may have guessed. These are five of the hundreds of magazine titles we have. Our collection is vast and varied with a strong emphasis on popular offerings. The titles listed above are new(ish) and illuminating. I should have added Paste to that list. I initially thought it had something to do with crafts but it doesn't. It is actually an artsy entertainment magazine with an emphasis on the new and hip.

I grab The Week and Mental Floss to read in the break room when I'm too hungry to read Gourmet or Bon Appetit. The Week is a news digest that is more concise than Newsweek and Time but with equivalent breadth. Mental Floss is described as an intelligent read, but not too intelligent. Lots of lists and odd ball facts. Perfect for game show lovers.

Share your thoughts on favorite magazines. We evaluate the magazine collection every Spring and your opinions help us decide what to add and what to remove.


Cheryl said...

I also enjoy Mental Floss! It's great for a plane ride. I usually decompress with OK! or US Weekly, but the magazines I enjoy most are Smithsonian, Self, Strings (which I discovered in the Symphony Center and is my new favorite), Everyday with Rachael Ray, and the new Food Network Kitchen magazine.

Anonymous said...

I love Giant Robot - a magazine devoted to Japanese youth culture here in the States, covering movies, music, clothes and even toys (hence the name). A colleague and I both read Fast Company, a lively business magazine profiling trends and trendsetters. Did you know that Zappos provides a database of shoe treads to the FBI? I read that in Fast Company!

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