Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Stories We Hear, The Stories We Tell

One of the more heartwarming parts of our job is selecting books and delivering them to patrons who for health or other reasons cannot make it to the library.

One 88-year-old patron has a passion for painting watercolors. She loves receiving books about Vermeer and Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as the latest bestselling suspense thrillers.

Another 91-year-old patron enjoys reading the latest biographies of political, business and literary icons, as well as literary fiction.

And there is a man who reads love stories with his wife to help take their minds off of the cancer she is bravely fighting.

Your stories and passions inspire me. And seeing how you handle the difficult situations you go through moves me.

In that spirit we also offer memoir writing workshops for seniors. In June we will start a series for older men, with hopefully a course for women following later in the year. These six-week courses help seniors get their stories down on paper so they can be passed on from generation to generation.

If you are interested in our memoir workshops or if you know someone who might benefit from our homebound delivery service, please have them contact us at 847.376.2809.

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