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Perhaps the word traitor is too harsh. But when you have a favorite series, and that author branches out to start writing a new series (though still writing the original), do you feel betrayed?

It's no secret that I love Carola Dunn's mystery series staring Daisy Dalrymple. I wrote in my previous blog entry that it's my go to beach read. When I read that she was coming out with a new series I admit I was excited. I like her writing style and the description of the book was intriguing. The first title in the series is Manna From Hades. Publishers Weekly called it "this lively first in a new cozy series ... introduces Eleanor Trewynn, a plucky widow who runs a charity shop in the village of Port Mabyn." Much like Daisy tends to do, Eleanor soon stumbles upon a body. The review in Booklist said "Dunn has a knack for writing meatier-than-usual cozies with strong female characters, and she has another charming winner here."

Well that's great. But what about Daisy? According to Carola's website, she's still working on Daisy books. But frankly, Carola is not young. And I worry about a future where there will be no more Daisy books. I feel her time should be spent writing the series I most enjoy (I know-so selfish!). While I'm going to read this new book (gotta support your favorite author), I can't help wishing it was a new Dalrymple book.

How do you feel? Do you support your favorite author no matter what? Bitterly complain that as their number one fan they should aim to please you? Or are you indifferent?


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I like it when a series author takes an unexpected turn. Their fans AND publishers are pressuring them to keep turning out the series they know and love. When Dana Stabenow killed off her character's lover, fans howled, but I had to admire her determination. She thought the relationship was finished and she moved on. I've seen series drag on way too long. I mean, is Hamish MacBeth EVER going to choose between those two women?

Heather I said...

I tend to get stuck in author ruts where I just rotate through my three favorite authors, all the same genre, all the same country, all similar protagonists (OK, I'm hooked on mysteries set in England). So I kind of like it when a favorite author throw a curve ball into the mix. Case in point - Martha Grimes. I love her Richard Jury series, veddy, veddy British. But I also adored Hotel Paradise and it's follow-up, Cold Flat Junction, featuring 12-year-old sleuth Emma Graham in a very american southern gothic setting. Really, almost the complete opposite of settings. Except for the eccentric characters. And eccentric settings. And the ironic exploration of fading "aristocracies". OK, maybe not complete opposites, but at least on the opposite side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

How about when they change genres completely? I waited for a new Wally Lamb novel 4-ever and then he wrote non-fiction. Ugh. There oughta be a law.

Susan said...

Personally I think a good writer is a good writer. Most of us have favorite authors with favorite characters, but if you know the author is what you like, chances are, your mind will be opened a bit more. It must be boring for an author to write the same characters all the time.
As an artist I get stuck in a genre for awhile, and then, I am done with it. It's time to move on. Writers must go through the same thing.
Sue Grafton has a long way to go to get through that alphabet. I got bored around "G is for ..." She is either very dedicated, has a lot of perseverance or is just boring ( and I don't think so).
You can always find a new favorite author. Talk to more people, check the libraries' website for new ideas, go on-line and research. The world is out there and it's exciting.

Linda K. said...

I usually give my favorite authors a chance to redeem themselves if I find one of their series books has disappointed me. For example, once I was a big fan of Tom Clancy and looked forward to each new entry in the Jack Ryan series. (Debt of Honor is still one of my favorite Clancy books.) Then came Red Rabbit. What can I say? It was so bad, so far off the mark, that I was actually glad when he stopped writing the Ryan series. No redemption there. Occasionally Janet Evanovich or Joan Hess will disappoint me, but I usually find that their next book is back on track. Luckily I enjoy so many authors, and love trying new ones, so while I remain loyal for a while, there's too much good stuff out there to waste time with #17 in what may have become a mediocre series. Let's hear it for the new authors! Try something new!

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