Friday, May 4, 2012

All You Can Read Buffet

There library is a veritable smorgasbord of delectable reading. From hard candy to cheesecake to doughnuts, we have more than enough variety to satisfy even the most discerning sweet-tooth. We even have some broccoli in stock if greens are more your pace.

This summer is all about "Taste" at the library--one program we're running is for Super-Readers. It's a contest straight out of Man Vs. Food, but in this case it will be Man vs. Book. Here's the challenge: 20 books in a little more than two months. You have from June 9th to August 19th to get in your twenty books and beat the challenge. Prizes include a library tote-bag, a coupon for a free coffee at a local McDonalds, bookmarks, and other fun goodies. You'll also get your picture up on our Wall of Fame. Come by the Readers' Services Desk on the third floor any time after June 9th to pick up a form to log your books.

Are you ready for the all you can read challenge?


Anonymous said...

Fun links! Who knew there's broccoli-based fiction?

Linda K. said...

Cozy mysteries are like ice cream sundaes and a food related cozy is like the cherry on top. It seems like there are so many out there these days. Cookies, cakes, donuts, ice cream, even an old favorite called the Baked Bean Supper Mystery. 20 books over the summer is hardly a challenge for me but it's nice to know the library is encouraging adults to read for their summer reading clubs rewards. Reading is truly its own reward, especially if the reading is done with some good chocolate close at hand!

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