Friday, May 25, 2012

Ratt Infestation

There is in fact a Ratt Infestation. No not a mouse rat infestation, I'm talking about Ratt's last album entitled Infestation. Ratt had major success in the 80's and are now back better than ever. Infestation I believe is their greatest album to date. I am not one of those people who believes an artists earlier work was their greatest nor their most recent was their greatest. I am honest. The album had been out for quite some time but it is one of my favorite personal albums. When most people hear of Ratt they say, "Oh yeah I like that song, Round and Round." I am here to hopefully change that. While that song is perhaps their most known song thanks to the likes of the ever popular game franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Guitar Hero and of course the mainstream, this band is definitely undermined by the Rock and Roll community. This album, Infestation, definitely takes its influences from bands like KISS, The Scorpions, Rolling Stones, Van Halen and other huge Rock names. 36 years later and they still have that rock spark they started with.

Infestation starts out with their hardest song. Its a real rocking tune perfect for listening to at the gym or at a party or if you wanted to wake up your neighbors. When I first heard it, I was in awe, the song really surprised me just comes out of nowhere. Fast solos, upbeat drumming and strong vocals from lead singer Stephen Pearcy. The next track, Best of Medefinitely gives you a feeling of nostalgia. There is that 80's Glam signature sound in the song as well as subtle hints of sound from their earlier works. Look Out Below has somewhat of a more serious tone, not fast and just a normal beat. Slower than most of the songs on the album, I can definitely envision a man with his leather jacket riding his motorcycle emblazoned with tattoos. There's a reason the song is titled what it is, very appropriate I may say. Last Call is another one of their more rocking songs with fast tempos, lots of drumming, cymbals, bass drumming and a great double lead soloing. Not a disappointing song whatsoever. The album is appropriately topped off with the final song, Don't Let Go. The song does intend to mean don't let go of love, but I like to think "Don't Let Go of Ratt." I think in instrumental terms, this song is a perfect way to end it. A hard rocking song with an abrupt ending just like how it was in the 80's. No teary ending, no goodbyes, just straight to the ending. 

When I heard this album I listened to it almost everyday for months. This album definitely is one of those albums you would expect to be heard at a biker bar or something of that sort, and also gives me visions of the band trashing their hotel room like so many 80's bands did. While the band is on an unfortunate hiatus, this satisfying album definitely put Ratt on the watchlist again. After reading this, maybe later down the road when someone asks you about Ratt, you will have plenty to say then. If this album is any indication of how successful they are, I say they definitely can achieve higher success. If they came out with this powerful comeback, I can see them establishing a bigger name for themselves.

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Lynne said...

Great post! You brought me right back to my '80s high school years, listening to The Scorpions, Van Halen, and Ratt. I would not have considered giving a new Ratt album a chance before this, so thanks. Besides, I figure if I still have energy and passion after 25 years, maybe they do too. Or is it the other way around?

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