Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Before You See The Avengers...

Considering what a huge box office hit The Avengers has been, there's a good chance many of you have already seen it. Being late to the party, I just saw it last weekend. Allow me to put my feelings toward this film into the most eloquent language I can muster while thinking of it.

It. Was. Awesome! Ridiculously awesome. Like, left me all full of adrenaline and feeling dumbstruck because the only word I could think to describe it was “awesome.” There were times when I was sitting in the theater, on the edge of my seat, wanting to cry, laugh, and then hit something because it was just that awesome.

I have been excited for this movie since seeing Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger last summer, and I was absolutely not disappointed. And I am not someone that one might call a superhero or comic enthusiast by far. I just really, really enjoy good action/fantasy/sci-fi films with intense, climactic battle scenes. This delivered that and so much more. Action? Check. Inspirational and tender moments? Check. Clever and funny banter? Check. Attractive people in absolutely marvelous (pst, get it? Marvel?) superhero suits? Major check. 

But the part I enjoyed the most were the references and in-jokes to past movies starring all the different Avengers. While one can definitely understand (and like!) the movie without having seen any previous films, to enjoy it to its fullest, I would highly recommend seeing these movies first (or even after, and then going back and watching The Avengers again. You really can't lose). And while most people would probably agree that The Avengers is certainly the apotheosis of all of them, these films are also, shall we say... awesome?

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Gus said...

I'm in. I will need someone to watch my kids so I can go see this with my wife. You know her. I wonder who would be willing to watch those kids of mine- someone close by, who already watches them from time to time...? :-p

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